Manhattan Short Online
Manhattan Short Online Film Festival


The 2nd Annual
MANHATTAN SHORT Virtual Film Festival
February 11 - February 20, 2022

Film Lovers worldwide will unite right here at between February 11 - February 20, 2022, when MANHATTAN SHORT (The World's First Global Film Festival) conducts its 2nd Annual Virtual Film Festival. Anytime for an entire week, you will be able to access our compelling lineup of short films from the comfort of your own homes.

MANHATTAN SHORT Online is a unique online film festival. It features 8 short films and in keeping with Manhattan Short's cinematic tradition, audiences worldwide will be the judges that decide which of the 8 films will receive the Best Film award.

Why create Manhattan Short Online? The reason is simple. Our audience demanded it! The existing annual Manhattan Short Film Festival, where our lineup of short films is screened by cinemas all over the world for one week, wasn't enough for our fans who love short films. Our new online film festival presents exciting, new selections of short films that are exclusive only to our online audience. Our goal is to connect the dedicated audience of Manhattan Short to the best filmmakers from all over the globe and bring you a cinematic experience, unlike anything you've had before.



Attention filmmakers. Films must be 18 minutes and under in length. The event will be Pay-Per-View and Filmmakers will collectively receive 25% of the profits. The Deadline to enter the 2nd Annual MANHATTAN SHORT ONLINE is January 10, 2022.



MANHATTAN SHORT prides itself on the community-oriented engagement the festival annually brings to 500+ cities. This film festival may be online but our sense of community stands strong. Please join us in the MANHATTAN SHORT FaceBook Group and comment on the films with thousands of other around the world. It's lots of fun.



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