Manhattan Short Online - Finalists
Manhattan Short Online Film Festival


Hung Up

Shattered Texan Latina bull rider Patty "Duke" risks paralysis to ride again.

Written & Directed by: Damon O'Steen

Cast: Melissa Jackson, Kevin Kane, Catherine Curtin

Produced by: Melissa Jackson, Marc Henry Johnson, Nikhil Melnechuk, Damon O'Steen

Country: USA

Run Time: 12:45


A Glimpse

A blossoming relationship unfolds when two strangers have a chance encounter in a London cafe.

Directed by: Tom Turner

Screenplay: Samuel Berrill, Tom Turner

Cast: Chris Overton, Rachel Shenton

Produced by: Rebecca Harris @ Slick Films

Country: UK

Run Time: 10:00



After hearing a rumor that her mother is a stripper, 14-year old Nika becomes determined to discover the truth, unknowingly crossing the threshold into adulthood.

Written & Directed by: Jane Stephens Rosenthal

Cast: Evee White, Scottie Thomson, Lance Guest

Produced by: Ross O'Shea, Katie Paczynska

Country: USA

Run Time: 14:00


1,2,3...All Eyes on Me

When a crisis suddenly engulfs an elementary school campus, Ms. Leena, a determined art teacher, tries everything she can to save her frightened class.

Written & Directed by: Emil Gallardo

Cast: Farelle Walker, Blanca Ordaz, Armand Munoz

Produced by: Emil Gallardo, My-Hanh Lac, Derek Ho

Country: USA

Run Time: 15:00



Who says nothing lasts forever...the journey of a plastic bag from the present day to the far off-future. Intricate hand-made sets and lo-fi special effects come together to weave an ode to the forever-ness of plastic.

Written & Animated by: Robin Frohardt

Music: Freddi Price

Country: USA

Run Time: 9:00



A businesswoman struggles to navigate her increasingly alienating world, disconnected from her work, colleagues, and husband. Lost in grief, can she find connection amidst the chaos? A spellbinding, visually surprising drama of modern inner life, told using the expansive metaphors of outer space.

Written & Directed by: Tate Young

Cast: Natalie Lisinska

Produced by: David Fernandes

Country: Canada

Run Time: 13:00


Inverno (Timo's Winter)

Timo, the youngest of a Greek community of Funfair workers, will have to face the hardest winter together with his loved ones.

Written & Directed by: Giulio Mastromauro

Cast: Christian Petaroscia, Giulio Beranek, Babak Karimi, Elisabetta DeVito

Produced by: Virginia Gherardini, Federico Lami, Luca Marino, Giulio Mastromauro,

Country: Italy

Run Time: 15:00