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Manhattan Short Online Film Festival

Brought to you by MANHATTAN SHORT, a 10-day festival where 8 unique short films will be chosen and screened virtually from Feb 14 - Feb 24, right here at

With so many marvelous short films being produced each year, the quest for the perfect vehicle in which to launch never-ending. With a legacy of 24 years; growing from the side of a truck to now screening annually in 500+ cinemas across 6 continents, MANHATTAN SHORT is the perfect organization for these filmmakers.

Now your great ideas have the right launching pad to catapult your work into the stratosphere! So, join with us and create magic!


To bring this experience to a worldwide audience, MANHATTAN SHORT has partnered with state of the art companies in content delivery. Now you can watch the most awaited film festival on your personal devices at any corner of the world.

Powered by the most advanced security features available, the intellectual property of the filmmakers are in safe hands. Over 500 Cinemas worldwide take part in MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival each year.

You Be the Judge!

Keeping with our tradition, the judges for these films will be you!

After the screening of the final film, a pop-up window will appear where you can vote for your favorite film and actor. Votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced on February 21st, at

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Manhattan Short Online will be a Pay-Per-View event at just $10.00.

The films will be streamed via the Cinesend platform right to your personal device or TV on a multitude of platforms including Roku and Apple TV so that you do not miss out on this celebration.

Filmmakers to receive $350.00 each:
Deadline to enter January 10th

There is something special in store for the filmmakers!

As a filmmaker, once your short film is completed the goal is to get that film in front of as many eyes as possible. Short films are made to be seen! We have an already established audience of over 100,000 film lovers around the globe. MANHATTAN SHORT Online is the ideal vehicle to launch great works of art to audiences worldwide.

What's more?

Selected filmmakers will receive $350.00 each.

Click Here to Enter MANHATTAN SHORT ONLINE 2022.

Encryption and Digital Rights Management

In an effort to end Piracy, the video files are highly encrypted. Through a multi-DRM technology (Widevine, PlayReady, and Fairplay), CineSend videos are protected and it is next to impossible to download the video files using browser plugins or other common piracy tools.